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Car Odor Removal

Ozone treatment to permanently remove car odors and sanitize your vehicle without artificial fragrances.
We don’t mask odor. Only odor elimination is the solution.
Our ozone treatment permanently removes odors from cars, trucks and vans.
All vehicles build up odors from regular use. Spills from food and beverages which often fall into difficult to clean areas. 
Pet and body odors in your car seats.

To remove odors from a car we offer a 3 step treatment.

  • First step is a complete interior detailing which is really important to remove the source from your vehicle.
    The step includes A/C and vents cleaning/sanitizing and interior steaming of
    seats, carpet, headliner.
    There are companies who only offer ozone treatment without cleaning the car first.
    Easy money for them only set the ozone generator but not the solution!

  • Second step is an enzyme treatment to pre-treat the vehicle.                             

  • Third step is the ozone treatment with a special designed ozone machine.

 We also recommend and offer an Cabin Air Filter Replacement for an appropriate price.

We don't offer cigarette smell removal for vehicles anymore

Automobile Dealerships

A lot of dealers try to cover the smell instead of remove it.
Don’t forget you can’t fool your customers.
They will come back after a week when the fancy smell vanished and the real bad smell comes back.

Let us do the job for you and your customers will get a clean  and sanitized car without a bad smell.

Would you like to sell your vehicle?

An Ozone Shock Treatment for your vehicle is an absolute advantage to sell it and it’s more attractive to potential buyers. Your auto, truck, RV, bus or boat will be sanitized and free from food smell, pet odors, mildew/mold odors (in AC System and duct’s)
There are people outside that have allergies to many different pollutants. An Ozone Treatment will make your vehicle free from bacteria, allergen, viruses, odor and bad smells.

Would you like to purchase a used vehicle?

 You never know what happened

  in this   vehicle.

  • Illegal drugs

  • Pets

  • Blood

  • Urine

  • Mold

  • Mildew

  • Food

  • Vomit

  • etc.

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