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Wildfire Smoke Odor in your Home How to Remove it?

Wildfire Smoke Odor in California, Orange County

Wildfires in California have been causing a lot of problems for homeowners and businesses and even damage and complete destruction of property. Even if you are not involved by the fire itself, you may still be affected by the wildfire smoke. Smoke from a wildfire can spread for miles and it contains ash that can damage your property and it’s dangerous for your health when you breathe it in. As many other types of smoke like cigarette smoke, wildfire smoke leaves a strong, stubborn and severe odor in your home or even car which is very difficult to remove.

If you live in an area in California that is at risk of wildfires it is very important to be aware of the potentially dangerous levels of smoke and what you can do to protect your home from the odor.

The following tips will help you protect yourself and your family from the wildfire smoke, and how to remove smoke odors from your home.

  • If the air is affected by the smoke stay in the house

  • Close your windows, doors and intakes (with plastic sheets and tape) around the house and don’t turn on your air conditioning system (only when you set it to recirculate.)

  • Close the windows from your car

  • Listen to the news and evacuate your home immediately if ordered to do by the police or fire department

Wildfire Smoke Odor Removal Tips

  • Wash your clothing that’s affected by the smoke odor

  • Use a power washer to clean the outside of your house

  • Wash all surfaces in your home

  • Clean all furniture, items and belongings

  • Clean your carpet upholstery and mattresses if possible and you have the right equipment. If not call a professional

  • Do not use any kind of air fresheners…you want to mask the odor

  • If there is still a strong odor smell after cleaning please give us Prozone Clean a call to ensure that the smoke odor is completely removed from the air spaces and affected materials.

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