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Pet Urine Odor Removal

Many pet owners have the problem that their pet urinates on the carpet and leaves a urine odor behind.

Unfortunately, in many cases the "accident" is recognized too late and the urine seeps into the carpet.

The first step most people take is to call a carpet cleaning company to have the carpet cleaned.

The problem is that the urine is already in the carpet, the carpet padding and the subfloor.

The cleaning only cleans the carpet but not the carpet padding and subfloor, which means that the urine odor does not go away.

Since in most cases pets have already urinated in several places or in different rooms, the best solution for removing the urine odor is to remove the carpet together with the carpet padding, clean the subfloor and paint it with a special odor blocker.

Then the rooms or the entire house or apartment must be treated with Ozone to remove the remaining odor in the air and disinfect the living space.

Here is an interesting video on YouTube showing what such a carpet and subfloor looks like when urinated on.

Pet Urine
Subfloor with Urine Stains and Odor


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